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  • 50pcs per box, 20ml syringe (without needle)
  • Polypropylene syringe barrel and specially formulated elastomer stopper result in a smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel
  • Materials are inert and compatible with delivered medications
  • Syringes are ETO sterilized and undergo automated inspection to assure uniform quality
  • Exceptional clarity – clear barrel for precise volume reading
  • Smog / Smoke / Pollen / Wool / Sand Weather Environment
  • Massive Air Pollution
  • Public Places and other crowded areas
  • Preventing bacteria, viruses and cross infection
  • Wind Protection, ideal for motorcyclists, cyclists, fishing and other outdoor activities
  • Individually packed with zip lock
  • Consists of a protective cover made of high polymer material, a foam strip, and a fixing device
  • Complete Coverage of Eyes, Nose & Mouth.
  • Light Weight
  • Polycarbonate Material
  • Compatible
  • Anti-Bacterial Foam
  • Clear Screen
  • Product Type : B0706- Non Woven Shoe Cover
  • Material : Non Woven
  • Brand : Bergamot
  • Packing Mode : 100 pieces/bag
  • Colour : Blue
  • Disposable Non Woven Shoe Cover is an economical and convenient way for those involved in the food and beverage, hospital, hotel, beauty salon, laboratory industries and more to protect themselves from dirt, chemicals, oils and other harmful substances.
  • Good protective, lightweight, latex free.
  • Use sewing technology, comfortable wearing.
  • Widely used in hospital, food factory and dust-free workshop
  • Suitable for Age : 3 - 12 years old
  • Non-woven Material with Meltblown layer filtration
  • Individually packed
  • Breathable Fabric used, good ventilation, prevent any unpleasant odour, Allow sweat to evaporate and cool air to circulate, Deliver core temperature regulation and maximum breath ability
  • Anti-pollution mask, For Pollen allergy sufferers and dust allergy sufferers, to fight against haze, dust and small particles in the air, or for fashion use, is ineffective against virus
  • Lint Free with extra comfort with cushioned head loop

  • Extra 15% gap allowance for better breathability

  • 3-layer pleated design with flexible nose bridge.

  • Non-Fiberglass and Latex Free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Excellent filtration B.F.E > 99%

  • Used to protect the mouth, nose from pollution

  • Widely used in medical, General industry, food processing and home care.

  • Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging


  • Smooth surface finishing
  • Offer high quality barrier protection for light duty tasks or food handling
  • Offer protection against pathogens and allergens
  • Provides greater finger flexibility and reduces fatigue
  • Either hand fits
  • Popular choice for the food industry
  • 30% MORE stretchable with enhanced protection.
  • Fully textured surface finishing with ultimate grip sensation
  • Either hand fits
  • Widely used in industrial, healthcare facilities and food processing
  • Powder Free (minimizes the risk of allergens and irritants)
  • Polymer coating and water repellent suface
  • Packing Mode: 10 x 100pcs/box
  • Size:S, M, L
  • Colour : Milky White
  • 12 rolls per box (without dispenser)
  • Non Woven with ventilated adhesive coating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-Free
  • Comfortable and highly breathable
  • Wave patterned to provide suitable adhesive
  • Suitable for Fragile Skin

Features & Benefits

• EN388 Cut level 5 protection
• Perfect for working environments where there is a cut risk
• Comfortable fit reduces hand fatigue and increases efficiency

Typical Applications

• Automotive
• Assembly
• Manufacturing
• Glazing / Glass manufacturing
• Construction
• Transport
• Warehousing

A high performace gloves with EN Cut Level 5, ANSI Cut A5. Bringing the supreme protection needed and having the comfort that hands require to perform to its full capacity. Sandy Nitrile palm coating for supreme grip in wet or dry applications.
Liner: High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)
Coating: Nitrile
Cut Level: EN 388 - Cut 5 & ANSI/ISEA Cut A5
Sizes: 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL
Color: Black